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Hi, im a flash enthusiast from Latvia - Riga, also spending a lot of time drawing characaters and playing BF2 and Half Life with my friend Pendalshik, Also have good skills programming in flash, to see my works visit my flash web site!

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Hi, I really bothering about whats happening around IW team(team that worked on popular Call of Duty franchize - MW2), part of the personal left this company, and already established theyr own company called Respawn Entertainmet, as far as i know, main programmer and artist left this company, and many still leavin IW, and as rumors says - they probably will join Respawn Entertainmet. But the big deal is, that RE makes some contracts with EA games...my big question is - why did they do all that?! .. probably i have an answer for this, one time on GT - GameTrailers, i was listening to one conference where one of the workers from EA games, said that IW making same game...and selling it, by that they meen very similar game play(probably modified same game engine for last two franchizes i guess, not really sure), but whats the problem? People like Call of Duty franchize, they play this game no matter what game engine is - old or new, you can even hear or read in forums/ news - what income IW had selling MW2!! More than a billion dollars!!! So, ok with this, next thing, that this guy said - "We will make better game than MW2.." ... one question getting in mind - how? Is that really possible that EA games, NOW will make better game than MW2(LOL), so there it comes - big answer for what this topic was created - and again - its only my oppinion - EA trying to recruit people from IW....to make better FPS games, and this company i trust - has a lot of money to do that...someone might say - no its bullshit, why would EA do that, but from other side - ask your self - why would talanted people leave IW who got such a big income that probably would make this company so powerfull in next few years that EA games would stay a side and cry..
And yes, i didnt mention one important thing - unfortunantly MW3 development process is stopped during a couse - IW bring an action against theyr old stuff that estabilished Respawn Entertainmet. And yes, last thing - you can ask your self one question - would MW3 will be same good as MW2 without lead artist and programmer....?
Thanks for reading!
P.S. Forgive me for my crappy english, i hope you understand what I was trying to tell you..


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